About Us

Why use Mr. Whizard?

Our business is repairing electronic and digital instrument clusters which contain the speedometer and other informational gauges in a car or truck.

We have engineered repair solutions for many types of instrument cluster faults. Since we know how to repair and test your instrument cluster; we DO NOT need your vehicle to fix your cluster. Just remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle and ship it to us. We repair and ship it back to you – its that simple and much less expensive than acquiring a replacement from the major car companies. We accept repairs from individuals, dealerships and independent service shops.

We operate a storefront business and have been repairing instrument clusters since 1999 with the emphasis on our web based repair service since 2001. We repair about 1000 instrument clusters per year! We have many happy customers throughout the world. You can read some of their testimonials.

For a list of the units that we can fix now, click here. If you have a instrument cluster that does not match any of the units in the list, please call or email us and we will do our best to find a solution for you!

To help you remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle please check out our Cluster Removal page. Right now we have instructions for just a few types but intend to include more soon.

We have made it really easy to ship your cluster to us as shipping is now included in our repair prices. We will email you a prepaid shipping label that you print on your printer, affix to your shipping carton and send to us via UPS. Since we launched this program in February of 2005, over 11,000 individuals and service shops have taken advantage of this great offer – shouldn’t you be next?

We thank you for taking time to find out more about us and we hope you will will trust us with your instrument cluster repair needs!