Frequently Asked Questions

My dash quit and there was a burning smell!

Most likely some transistors have shorted causing them to burn and smoke. These transistors need to be replaced.

How long will it take to repair my dash?

If you live in North Dakota, Minnesota or Eastern South Dakota, total turnaround is only 5-6 business days from the time you send your unit until you get it back using our Free Ground Shipping label. If you live in Montana, Western Wyoming, Eastern South Dakota, Nebraska, Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri, Iowa or Wisconsin, total turnaround would be 7-8 business days. All other states 9-11 business days. To speed up service we can email you an overnight or 2 day shipping label. There is a surcharge for overnight or 2 day shipping. Call us for details.

Will my vehicle still run without the dash?

In most cases the vehicle can be driven without the instrument cluster installed. Exceptions are the Nissan Altima and Frontier where the battery charging circuit runs through the instrument cluster resulting in a dead battery in a few days. For safety’s sake it is better to find alternate transporation.

Why do some sections of my dash work with no problem?

The displays on your dash are controlled by different circuit sections. We repair the specific failed section. However we check the dash over completely for potential problems in other circuits.

I found an identical used dash - can the mileage on the odometer be adjusted to reflect my current mileage.

No – we do not have provision to do this and there are legal issues regarding odometer altering.

How do I remove my Dash?

Click Here for instrument cluster removal instructions. At present we only have removal instructions for a few vehicles but will add more soon. If you are not handy we suggest taking the vehicle to your local auto service center. They probably will require an hours worth of labor to remove and reinstall the dash.

My Dash is flickering on and off - am I missing a ground connection somewhere?

Probably not; the fault is with components in the dash itself.

How much is shipping from the US?

Shipping from the US is now included in our repair prices. For more info on Free Shipping from the US Click Here

I found a dash at a wrecker or an internet auction. Is this a good buy?

You are taking your chances. Because we do a complete rework of your dash you can be assured of trouble free operation. This rework has most likely NOT been done to a used dash so you may have similar problems in the near future.

I live in Canada - Can I get the free 2 way shipping deal?

Not at this time. We currently offer free return shipping only.

What kind of warranty do you offer.

We offer a 2 year warranty standard with all repair prices. (Some exceptions apply). For a small fee we will extend the warranty to 5 years.

My Speedometer is sticking on my 2003-2006 GM Vehicle - What's Happening?

Each gauge needle is controlled by a small stepper motor. There is tiny gear inside the stepper motor. A rib breaks on this tiny gear and causes the gear to wobble. This causes sticking of the needle at various locations around the dial – example: needle shows 120 when the vehicle is standing still. We replace the stepper motor(s) with the latest version that is made from better materials to prevent the gear from cracking. Every gauge is susceptible to this problem – the speedometer usually goes first as it experiences the most movement of any of the gauges. Since we repair your unit, there is no reprogramming required. Once you receive your repaired unit, it is just plug and play.

Do I Have to get my cluster reprogrammed after your repair? My repair shop said I have to.

No, since we are repairing your unit there is no reprogramming required. Once you receive your repaired unit, just plug it in and it is good to go.

There seems to be a lot of people repairing the 2003-2006 GM vehicles with gauges failing - why should I use you?

Consider the following: 1. Tom Jeroski, the owner of Mr. Whizard Technical Services is an Electronic Engineering Technologist with experience in the Electronics Industry for over 30 years – he has the training and experience to repair your instrument cluster properly and safely. You may want to ask prospective repair people what training they have in the electronics field. 2. Many of the people that want to repair your cluster have “jumped on the bandwagon” that I’ve been on for many years. A lot of them haven’t been in business long enough to support the warranties they offer. 3. We have a storefront repair shop and plan to be in business for many years to come. Many of the other repair folks “work out of their basement”. Will they be around in a few years after the run of 2003-2006 GM instrument clusters has dried up?