Getting It Done

Getting your instrument cluster repaired is a simple process.

Determine if we can repair your cluster

Determine if your vehicle has a cluster we can repair using this Vehicles We Repair link.

Remove cluster from vehicle

We have removal instructions for many vehicles here. Some we don’t have any specific info on – if you don’t feel comfortable removing cluster yourself; your favorite mechanic or auto service center should be able to remove it for you.

Request free UPS shipping label

Get shipping label and prepare for shipment

Our Prices now include free shipping both ways. All you have to do is call or fill in the form on this page with your details and we will email you a Prepaid UPS Shipping Label – You print the label on plain paper and affix it to your shipping carton, take the package to your UPS store for delivery to our US address. If you are a business you can have UPS pick up the package along with your other daily pickups. Your unit will be expertly repaired and shipped back to you. Couldn’t be simpler! Don’t have email or a working printer? No Problem! We can send your prepaid label by regular mail.

Prepare Service Order form and pack unit

We will send you an email with instructions on packing, payment and a service order form to submit with your unit.

Take unit to UPS for shipping.

You can drop unit off at UPS or if you have daily pickup you can just give to driver.